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Stay current on medical, surgical, and aesthetic dermatology developments with Dermatology Weekly, a podcast featuring news relevant to the practice of dermatology, and peer-to-peer interviews with Doctor Vincent A. DeLeo, who interviews physician authors from Cutis on topics such as psoriasis, skin cancer, atopic dermatitis, hair and nail disorders, cosmetic procedures, environmental dermatology, contact dermatitis, pigmentation disorders, acne, rosacea, alopecia, practice management, and more. Plus, resident discussions geared toward physicians in-training. Subscribe now.

The information in this podcast is provided for informational and educational purposes only.


Feb 18, 2021

Lorenzo Norris, MD, host of MDedge Psychcast, talks with Scott A. Norton, MD, MPH, MSc, and John Koo, MD, about delusions of infestation, weighing in on the diagnosis and management of patients with this challenging disorder, and more.

Dr. Norton is a dermatologist and preventive medicine specialist at the Uniformed...

Feb 11, 2021

Mobile applications are useful to educate medical students and trainees; however, there is no objective method to assess their quality. Vincent A. DeLeo, MD, talks to Babar Rao, MD, about determining the usefulness and credibility of dermatology educational apps including factors such as affordability, accuracy, and...

Feb 4, 2021

Access to dermatologic care in rural areas is a growing problem. Dr. Vincent DeLeo talks to Robert T. Brodell, MD; Cindy Firkins Smith, MD; and medical student Alexandra Streifel about the influence of rural clinical experiences during residency, which may increase the likelihood of trainees establishing a practice...

Jan 28, 2021

In the news:

Dermatologist survey spotlights psoriasis care deficiencies in reproductive-age women

Expert panel addresses gaps in acne guidelines

                                        * * *

There is strong evidence for a relationship between diet and various skin conditions. In this resident takeover, Daniel...

Jan 21, 2021

In the news:

Pityriasis rosea carries few risks for pregnant women

Adjuvant nivolumab plus ipilimumab shows strong results in resected stage IV melanoma

*  *  *

Because psoriasis and atopic dermatitis (AD) can greatly affect quality of life in pediatric patients, the development of treatments with low-side effect...